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PHP Wrapper for Microsoft Or Bing Translator

What is it all about?
PHP Wrapper for Microsoft / Bing Translator. API is provided by Microsoft . A free subscription gives you 2,000 000 characters a month (which is far better than Google translate as they have stopped free API) . No APP ID is needed to run this program. Please note that Microsoft doesn’t [...]

iphone 4 Unveiled Today

The much awaited iphone 4 is unveiled today by Apple CEO steve Jobs in the World Wide developer Conference. The new iPhone features a brand new, 3.5-inch 960-by-640 resolution LCD screen called a Retina display that boasts four times as many pixels as the iPhone 3GS. Apple says the new screen uses pixels that are just 78 micrometers wide, which is why it was able to pack so many more pixels into the iPhone 4 display than the iPhone 3GS. The new screen also features 326 pixels per inch, which Apple says is far denser than the human eye can distinguish. More

What is the string length of an array() construct?

What is the string length of an array() construct?
This was a tricky question asked in Zend certification Exam
When ever you try to echo strlen(array()), it gives you answer 5.
When ever you are trying to use strlen for a reserved keyword or language construct, it will give the length of the
corresponding datatype For Eg: the above [...]