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1000+ downloads for PHP Wrapper for Microsoft translate!!

There is a great news. More than 1000 people tried out  ” PHP Wrapper for Microsoft translate“.

Thanks for trying it out..
As some of you may have already noticed that my demo url is not working many a times. It is due to insufficient balance in my free account. As you may all aware that in [...]

Hello New World

Started coming here again.. Hope will be able to come here more often.. Unfortunately things doesnt happens that way. no worries. This time i would like to take things bit seriously, Currently I am working on a PHP wrapper for bing translator API and a simple custom MVC application
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Bought new Dell Inspiron 1464

After long waiting for around 2 years I became a proud owner of a Laptop. Of course the model is chosen by my better half coz this is my B’day gift to her.We bought it from the MG Road Branch of Vijay Sales. It costs me around Rs.38000. It comes with a load of accessories [...]

Technological preview of Simple cloud API is released

Cloud Computing is a new generation of computing that utilizes distant servers for data storage and management.
The server will provide Shared resources, software and information are to computers and other devices on-demand.
The Simple Cloud API brings cloud technologies to PHP
The Simple Cloud API will enable developers to invoke cloud services in a common way across [...]

List of famous 25 websites using Drupal

Drupal is an open source CMS made up of PHP .It is used as a back-end system for at least 1% of all websites worldwide
Following are the major 25 famous websites uses Drupal

2) DivX Labs

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List of famous 25 websites using Wordpress

Wordpress is an open source cms powered by PHP and MySQL, It is Used by over 2% of the 10,000 biggest websites.
WordPress is the most popular blog software in use today. Following are the 25 famous websites using Wordpress
1. Ebay
2. Yahoo
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Testing BM shots

BMshots is a screenshot provider plugin for WP. It will give screenshot of
desred website. Find the screenshot of below
Find more info on this plugin here

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Moved to

I am moving my blog from to  As all of you know CO.CC domains are free and had some limitations. Right now I planned to take blogging seriously so i went for a paid domain name and web space. I was bit surprised by seeing that was available even though I was a late bird.
This is [...]